Pakster™ Light Shields

Pakster™ has just introduced a very effective and high quality answer to the new larger ventilation doors where light control is still a critical concern. Our new Light Shield is designed to fully cover all heights of 48-inch (OC) ventilation doors on the market, and is deep enough away from the wall to allow 100% air flow through from the bottom side, away from the sun. This allows for the fullest amount of sunlight protection, no matter how large the door, with the only light being allowed coming from the underside of the shield. Furthermore, the curvature of the shield provides for smooth, turbulent free air being directed through the door. 

This product is made from the finest materials available, using heavy gauge High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) with a Korad Acrylic veneer on the outside surface. It is this acrylic veneer that gives this product its long life, it is nearly indestructible to sunlight and any other weatherablity issues. Korad Acrylic is heavily used in the agricultural implement and trucking industries (cabs and hoods). Not only will this Light Shield last nearly indefinitely, it will also nearly indefinitely look as good as the day you bought it. 

Need dark out?

If complete black out conditions for your ventilation doors are needed, our new Light Shield is designed to include a custom fit Light Trap from Dandy. The Dandy Light Trap fits into the lower portion of the new Light Shield, well ahead of the air flowing into the door.

The combination of the new Pakster™ Light Shield with the Dandy Light Trap makes for an ideal combination for minimizing all light along with maximizing efficient, high volume air flow. 

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