The Original Poly Lubrication Disc Just Got Better!
  •  Made with Graphite for substantially improved lubrication.

  • As the lube liner wears, graphite is released, creating a far higher level of lubrication.

  • NO time consuming cleaning to deal with.

  • Environmentally friendly

    NOTE:  there is not loose powder on the part itself; as the Lube Liner wears, the Graphite is released onto the 5th Wheel.

 Download Installation Instructions The Lube Liner will save you maintenance costs and enable you to spend less time servicing your rig.
  If you are not doing repeated drops, it is not unusual for the Lube Liner to last up to 1½ years before needing to be replaced.  We have customers who have used a single Lube Liner for over 2 years; but these are the exceptions.  Product life depends on individual circumstances surrounding equipment usage and maintenance.  (The safety catch should continue to be lubricated as part of normal servicing procedures.)
 If you are interested in improving performance and reducing operating costs, you will appreciate the durable Lube Liner. This high-density polyethylene disc helps solve your lubricating problems by eliminating the need for 5th wheel plate grease. Lube Liners attach to your trailer’s kingpin and provide constant lubrication for easier handling, cleaner operation, safer trailing and more reliable performance during on-the-road operations. It removes the danger of a dry 5th wheel plate and it ends the need to clean plate grease from your tractor and trailer.  


Sizes Available
10 inch 24 inch 32 inch 36 inch
 Primarily used on campers.  Primarily used on car carriers.  Primarily used on standard tractor/trailer fleets.  Primarily used on heavier tractor/trailer fleets.

 *Pricing includes one Retainer Ring per Lube Liner.   Additional Retainer Rings available for purchase separately.
 10" does not require a retainer ring.


We accept Master Card & Visa or payments can be made in advance via check or money order.

Order any number of Lube Liners you need…1, 3, 5, 8, 15 etc. They are sold in cartons that can hold up to 5 liners per carton.


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