• Proven by the University of Georgia.

  • Improves bird performance.

  • Effectively reduces sunlight infusion.

  • Minimal reduction in airflow.

  • Reduces rain, wind and weather flowing into your houses.

  • Reduces concerns with your lighting program. 


Pakster™ Light Hoods help producers address the challenges of keeping broiler houses dark when sidewall inlets open to allow ventilating. This is especially true for older birds. Even when the sun does not shine directly through inlet openings, light intensity can easily exceed one ft-candle power…the equivalent of 75-watt light bulbs. Direct sunlight can raise in-house light intensity up to 50 ft-candles. Light infusion through inlet openings can increase bird activity and it will have a negative effect on your lighting program.

Testing by the University of Georgia indicates that Pakster™ light hoods can reduce light infusion by a factor of 300. Even when your inlets are wide open to provide maximum ventilation, our light hoods will allow sufficient airflow while effectively reducing light infusion. Pakster™ Light Hoods will help you control your in-house environment. (Click here for University of Georgia's Report on their testing results)

Pakster™ light hoods have expanded openings on both sides of the hood to provide adequate ventilation for maintaining a healthy in-house environment. The light hoods will effectively reduce light infusion while allowing sufficient airflow in most operating conditions.


These photos were taken by a customer wanting to replace the custom built light hoods that were placed on his houses when built, because he did not believe they were blocking out enough light.  He snapped some before and after shots for us to compare.  Please note that because the vent door used is not one of East Iowa Plastics', the cut-out opening is slightly larger than the Light Hood, therefore allowing more light to sneak in than if it had fit properly.  Even with that difference, the photos reveal a significant reduction in light between the two light hoods.

 Custom Built Light Hood, Exterior View  East Iowa Plastics Light Hood, Exterior View
Custom Built Light Hood, Interior View  East Iowa Plastics Light Hood, Interior View



The "INVERTED ARCH" addresses three crucial issues:

1.  Provides structural support to insure consistent airflow.

2.  Absorbs sunlight BEFORE it can enter your house.

3.  Assists in directing air inward.  



We can custom build light hoods to meet your unique needs.

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