Pakster™ Egg Flats: “Adding Value to Your Business Operations!” 

Flexible, large cups reduce checking

Adapts to existing grading & packing equipment

• Smooth surface & design allows for easy washing

• Designed for close nesting for ease of handling & storing

Durable polyethylene available in any color

• Company name imprinting is available

Adds Value to your business operations 

For many years the “original” Pakster™ plastic egg flat, also known as the “Phillips Flat”, has offered a solution to the challenge of protecting fragile eggs while transporting. Its unique flexible cell wall design, cushions eggs during handling for fewer checks. Safe handling results in reduced product damage and improves your economic performance. Pakster™ egg flats will add value to your business operations.

In the commercial egg business where the difference in profit and loss can be measured in the fractions of a penny, managers know the importance of protecting eggs at every level of production. When egg damage increases, egg profits decrease. Our customers prefer Pakster™ egg flats because they believe Pakster™ flats provide the best protection of any flat available today.  

For those of you that produce larger eggs, we have taken the original "Phillips Flat" and expanded and deepened the cups.  The resulting newer flat can do a better job of carrying today's larger standard eggs.  The best egg flat in the industry just got better!   



For the first time in 40 years, PAKSTER™ is proud to annouce that we have completely re-tooled the original Pakster Egg Flat, resulting in improved:
    • Warpage control
    • Material thickness
    • Appearance (it now has the look and feel of an injection molded egg flat but remains flexible to better adapt to all sizes of eggs for less checking



Capacity:  30 Eggs
Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Material: HDPE
Custom Colors available  
3,000 flats per box/pallet  


Pakster™ egg flats also work well to ship and inventory small industrial parts.

Pakster™ egg flats are available with or without holes. 




Small Orders - 150 per box
 23" x 15" x 17", 35"
Shipped via UPS Ground

Bulk Orders - 3,600 per box/pallet
48" x 40" x 43", 801#
Shipped via Best Way

Truckload:  Approx. 156,000 Egg Flats
20 Foot Container:  Approx. 54,000 Egg Flats
40 Foot Container:  Approx. 111,000 Egg Flats

You're not using Pakster™ flats? Contact us today for free samples and you too will see the Pakster™ difference. 

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